Photo shoots at the Colonial Zone

The Colonial Zone or the also named Colonial City, is the oldest urban nucleus of the City of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Founded in 1502. It has many historic sites with elegant architectural attractions, along with its buildings and cobbled streets resulting in a unique photographic image. Due to its great importance in the Dominican and world culture and history, the colonial zone is one of the places preferred by the Dominicans when it comes to choosing a photo shoot for its antique touch and European style in a point of the Caribbean .

Among its ideal historical places to make a photo session, the most recommended are: Alcázar de Colón, Baluarte el Conde and Calle el Conde, Iglesia Primada de América, Ozama Fortress, San Francisco Ruins, Colon Park, Royal Shipyards, Casa de Bastidas, Casas Reales and Plazoleta Padre Billini.

In most places of the colonial zone it is not necessary to pay to use your space for a professional photo session. There are few places that have a cost of RD $ 1,800 pesos or more for each place. This is the case of the San Francisco Ruins, the Ozama Fortress and the inner part of the Alcázar de Colón. To reserve the photo session in one of these places you must go days before the session to the offices that take place in the Ministry of Culture, who give a certificate of permission to make the photo session.

Úbicación Colonial Zone

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