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Photographer of portraits in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. My main objective when making portraits is to see beyond the expression of the eyes and to be able to highlight the individual personality of each individual. In many of the cases we managed to obtain portraits that captivate the soul and delight the spirit of those who recognize a good portrait. Always in my compositions I use simple light schemes that naturally highlight the individual’s tones.

To achieve the expected result, it is important that we enter into confidence as people and feel relaxed or relaxed while the lens is facing you. All the photographs receive a delicate treatment after the photo session where we simply improve some defects and highlight some virtues, but always trying to make the best of each person flourish at the moment we are creating.

A photograph preserves the memory of the path you have traveled

As you dedicate all the care and preparation for your photo session, we take care of treating your photo session with the minimum care and creativity, adapted to what you need to be everything you planned, always presenting you in the best way in your photo session.

Photo shoots to remember each stage of your life

We are proud to know that you are part of a valuable moment in your life when you take a photo session, that is why we focus on putting all our effort so that your photo shoot is exceptional and always shine the best of you. We take the time necessary to achieve that comfortable and pleasant environment where you can show off your personality and be able to photograph moments full of spontaneity and naturalness.



I know how difficult it is to choose a place for a photo shoot. With this guide I will show you 5 of my favorite locations in the Dominican Republic to make a photo session that you will love.


For me it's important that your photos are everything you have dreamed of and providing you with all the information you need beforehand is the first step to make it possible.

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