Frequently Asked Questions

Dominican wedding and portraits photographer in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

If you’re looking for a professional photographer for your next event, you may have a lot of questions about the process, the style of photography, and the photographer’s experience. To help you make an informed decision, I’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions that can help you learn more about my style of photography, session length, pricing packages, and any other questions you may have. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, feel free to contact me directly for more information. I am here to help you capture unforgettable moments of your life with my experience and skills in professional photography.

General questions

I have experience with various types of photography: Wedding and bridal photography, portraits (corporate, personal and quinceañeras). I also have a photographic studio where my team and I take photos of children, newborns, families and pregnant women.
I like to describe my style as authentic, spontaneous, with gentle guidance and direction for portraits and group photos. My goal is to capture the true moments of the day and I want you to be able to enjoy your event without being bombarded by a camera in your face. I really like to mix and match styles so I can create a wide variety of shots for my partners and clients in general.
Yes, I offer video services, I have a team of professionals with capacity for every occasion.
We offer make-up services for an additional cost and we have a supplier for the dresses that we can provide at a special price for our clients.
For us it is important that you come out the best possible in your photos, that’s why we take care of every detail so that your photography is what you expect so much. You just have to be there, my team and I take care of the rest.
As long as the place is within the limits of the city of Santo Domingo, you can choose the one of your preference, remembering that there are places that request quotas for photo session permits. If the place you want is outside the city of Santo Domingo, there are additional costs that you will need to contact us to give you the specific details.
Fotografo dominicano realizó sesión de novios o preboda en la playa de Sans Souci en la ciudad de Santo Domingo, República Dominicana

Questions about booking

To make a reservation for a photo session, I require the signing of a digital contract and the deposit of 30% of the total.
The prices of the sessions and event coverage vary according to the type of event or session. I recommend using the “Request plans” menu button to receive specific and detailed information on what you require.
To reserve a photo session, 30% of the plan you wish to contract is required, the remaining balance is paid on the day of your session. Even so, we can evaluate a personalized payment plan that meets your needs.
When scheduling a professional services appointment, it is important to note that they have reserved that specific time for you. If you cancel at the last minute or don’t show up, it can result in a significant loss of income for the photographer.Once the photographer reserves the dates and times for the client, he stops selling his services for this date/time to others. If the event is canceled or postponed, the photographer will suffer losses.
If within the plans that we have established you would like to add or modify any service offered (more photos, another album or photos while the bride and groom are getting dressed) you are completely free to adjust it to your needs.
It is important that you book your photo session as far in advance as possible as this will ensure that your date is not purchased by another client. Our recommendation is to do it 1 month in advance. In the case of weddings up to 1 year in advance. In any case, it is important that you contact us since there are always available dates and we will do our best to help you organize your photo session.
We receive various payment methods: Cash, credit cards, bank transfers (National and International) (Popular, BHD León and Banreservas) and Xoom. (We do not accept Paypal)
If the photos are outside of Santo Domingo, the client is responsible for transportation, subsistence and accommodation costs (in certain cases).
Yes, I transfer to any destination in the Dominican Republic. To the plan you choose we only have to add the transfer costs to your selected destination.
You can go to the main menu of this website and click on galleries, there you can find several complete photo shoots.
Sesión de fotos de novios para bodas en el jardín botánico de Santo Domingo, República Dominicana

Questions about the photoshoot

¡Absolutamente! Como fotógrafo experto, mi objetivo es capturar la esencia de mis clientes y hacer que se vean lo mejor posible en cada foto. Entiendo que tomarse una foto puede ser intimidante, especialmente para aquellos que no disfrutan estar frente a la cámara. Pero no se preocupe, estoy aquí para ayudarlo a sentirse cómodo y guiarlo a través del proceso. Desde la iluminación y la pose hasta la ubicación y los accesorios, discutiremos todos los detalles que intervienen en la creación de su sesión de fotos perfecta.Si se siente nervioso, sepa que muchos de mis clientes han dicho que soy amable y accesible, lo que les ayuda a relajarse y disfrutar de la experiencia. Quiero que se sienta cómodo y confiado durante la sesión, y trabajaré con usted para crear un ambiente divertido y agradable.
Lo peor que le puede pasar a tu sesión de fotos es que te sientas estresada y desde mi experiencia el elemento que más estresa antes de una sesión es ir tarde. Es importante que te planifiques con tiempo, de forma que puedas llegar de 15 a 20 minutos antes (ni más ni menos). Así puedes tener un re juego justo en caso que haya un tránsito pesado. El llegar demasiado temprano también es un inconveniente porque tendrías que esperar y esto puede generar estrés en ti.
A veces los eventos y sesiones de fotos pueden extenderse por retrasos o solicitudes. Si nos estamos acercando al término, siempre conversaremos de antemano si desea continuar o extender el tiempo contratado.
Es necesario posponer la sesión de fotos para otra fecha que se adapte a nuestro calendario y no afecte la fecha de nuestros demás clientes. Trataremos en todo caso de buscarle una solución favorable y que permita realizar su sesión sin inconvenientes.
Para todas nuestras sesiones de fotos el límite máximo de personas es de 8. Si desean que participen más deben de solicitarlo.
He preparado una lista detallada de los mejores lugares para sesión de fotos en Santo Domingo lo puedes encontrar en mi blog en el menú de más arriba, estoy seguro te será de mucha ayuda para definir tu lugar ideal.
Sí, tengo un estudio fotográfico destinado principalmente a fotos familiares y de temporada. Estamos ubicados en la Av. Rómulo Betancourt #1354, Bella Vista, Santo Domingo.
Cada uno de los planes que ofrecemos tienen una cantidad específica de vestuarios. En caso que desees utilizar más vestuarios puedes solicitarlo durante tu reserva.

Questions about final delivery

Each of the photo plans that I offer has a specific number of photos, you must evaluate which one best suits your needs and select. I recommend you request the plans in the page menu.
No, during the debugging before sending you the gallery for selection I remove the test shots, blurry ones, or with bad lighting. I always try to send you the best photos, so the days I need after the session are extremely important to be able to refine the photos.
Of course. Once we send you the selection gallery, there you can purchase additional photos that you want.
No, the original files are only for use by our team in the debugging and retouching process.
Do you retouch the photos before delivery? Yes, all the photos delivered go through a process of digital retouching to correct certain errors that may appear in the photographs.
The photos are kept for a maximum time of 6 months in our archives. After this time we proceed to eliminate them to make room for new sessions. This is why it is important that you make several backups.
For outdoor sessions the shipping time is 4-5 business days and for in-studio sessions it is 2 business days.
After you select your favorite photos and confirm that you have finished, in 7 business days you will receive the final retouched photos. In case your plan includes a printed album, the delivery time is up to 4 weeks.
The photos will be delivered via email in the case of digital photos. The printed photos, you will receive a notification indicating that you must pick them up at my studio.