What to wear the day of your photoshoot in Dominican Republic

If you have decided to take a photo shoot with Greg Dotel Photography and you have the uncertainty of what to wear during your photo shoot, here are some tips that will make your doubts disappear.

Generally you will want to highlight in all your photos as the main element, but at the same time you do not want your clothes to capture all the attention instead of you as the main subject of the photographs. When everyone sees your photos you want your face to be the first thing that stands out. Likewise, your clothes define your personality, but what you do not want is that this is the center of attention.

What kind of clothes to avoid?

  • Lines or strong prints
  • Completely black clothing
  • Great logos or words
  • Very bright colors
  • Clothing with images
  • Colors competing
  • Intense reds (It is a very predominant color)

How to dress correctly in your photo shoot?

  • Dress appropriately to complement the place of the session
  • Wear solid colors or clear prints
  • Wear comfortable clothing (Santo Domingo is very hot and you will be moving a lot for the poses that the photographer suggests)
  • Feel free to use complementary accessories such as jewelry, hats or any other accessory of your choice

If the ladies want to use a more elegant look, they can use a dress or skirt that suits the place. Or if they want to go for a more casual look can opt for jeans and a blouse with the features mentioned above. While gentlemen feel free to wear jeans and an elegant shirt or something casual.

If there will be girls participating in the photos can opt for a cute dress or something more vintage with floral print or something like that. If they are two or more girls or boys it is good to try to dress them with the same colors and clothes. Generally with pastel colors, pink, white or lilac in the case of girls.

If the session is on the beach do not worry about the shoes. In fact, all barefoot makes the photos look much better and it’s way better if they bring an extra change of clothes.

I hope these tips will help you to choose your dress more easily when you go to your photo shoot and do not have to go through the odyssey of not knowing what to wear to look the best way possible.



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