Pre wedding

Pre wedding

I want to give you the best of memories of your wedding. together we will tell your love story from the wedding session to your wedding in a unique and genuine way.

I am passionate about capturing special moments such as weddings and wedding sessions that tell a beautiful story with your photographs. I identify myself as the original author of wedding portraits, where each photograph will be part of an unforgettable memory of the most important day of the couple. I offer services for honeymoon sessions in Santo Domingo and throughout the Dominican Republic.

Photographer for the wedding session you always dreamed of

We will take care of immortalizing your long-awaited day, capturing every moment of enthusiasm, something more than a simple photo or video, you can relive with precision every one of the emotions experienced. You only have to live your moment, my team and I will take charge of capturing the essence of that great day in its totality, giving you the best alternatives to achieve a unique product and results that will exceed your expectations.

Your pre wedding photo shoot, your moment!

I offer wedding coverage, pre-wedding photo shoot, indoor and outdoor photo shoot in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. My goal is to leave engraved every moment of the celebration of their union, focused on each expression of feelings and emotions that are experienced that great day, highlighting every detail to create memories that prevail over time. After their wedding, they will not have a few simple photographs, but in each one they will reflect all their love forever.

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Pre wedding

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For me it's important that your photos are everything you have dreamed of and providing you with all the information you need beforehand is the first step to make it possible.

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