Tener una imagen profesional hoy en día es una de las mejores inversiones que puedes hacer por ti y por tu negocio, ya que esto será la cara que determinará como te percibe el mercado en el que te desenvuelves.

Your personal brand is one of the first aspects that you must work with if you are a professional from any area since it will be the first impression that your clients, colleagues and associates will receive, that is why it is important to make it count. The corporate portraits that I make in the Dominican Republic are adjusted to your needs and goals to obtain an effective result according to your profile. These portraits are aimed at executives, businessmen, doctors, lawyers, engineers and the general public who want to show their best side.

The corporate image you need to project

If you are a person with great projections it is important that your corporate photos present an optimal profile and that they speak for you. Thanks to the vast experience working with different magazines in the Dominican Republic, I can produce editorial quality portraits that give that feeling of an international image for your company or business. No matter how big or small your company you will get results that will project you towards the results you want.

Portraits that adapt to any medium

My specialty in corporate portraits is accompanied by a fresh, spontaneous and dynamic style. These corporate photographs are presented on the web pages of my clients, in corporate brochures, advertising campaigns, yearbooks, reports, press releases, LinkedIn profiles, conferences, seminars and events of all kinds.

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