Baby Shower

Baby Shower

We know what the arrival of your baby means to your life, that is why we create memories that really reflect the experience of being parents for the first time.

After a beautiful photos of motherhood comes a beautiful Baby Shower party where the early arrival of a being that will change their lives forever is celebrated. We know the planning side of carrying out your Baby Shower party, that’s why we focus on photographing every detail and letting ourselves be carried by the flow of activities that take place, to immortalize a beautiful moment that you will enjoy for all the lifetime.

Baby showers photographer

At Greg Dotel Photography we believe that a Baby Shower is a very special occasion in the life stage of a woman. It is an opportune environment to fully enjoy with friends and family before the great arrival of that special being that you have inside, such as the birth of your baby. As a photographer and thanks to the experiences that I have been able to experience over the years, I recognize the great moments that can occur in an event such as your Baby Shower and that thanks to the photographs you can appreciate for a lifetime.

A moment of emotions and joy

We know the emotions that emanate from you as parents and your wishes because this moment is special both for you and your guests, so we focus on nothing is left out and that your photos are everything you have dreamed from the first moment .

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Baby Shower

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