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Architecture and interiors

Architecture and interiors

I have a firm foundation of photography and a strong modern vocabulary to create architectural images and interiors with great visual impact.

For more than 9 years I have worked with different companies throughout the Dominican Republic to give shape to photographs of their architecture and interior projects. From the exterior to the interiors of a building I focus on photographing all the necessary details of his work, construction or building and show in full harmony. The architectural photography service is focused on architects, publishers or magazines, companies and public institutions that need to show the best side of their architectural buildings.

Architecture and Interiors portfolio

A sample of great moments that we have lived together with our clients in their Architecture and Interiors photos in the Dominican Republic

Fotografía de interiores del proyecto residencial Mimi II en santo Domingo, República Dominicana
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Architecture photography

With the advancement of technology we live more and more in a completely visual world. This is why it is important to document architectural works well by presenting their best face and thus create a photographic report to show the work in its best splendor for advertising or publications purposes. When creating photographs of architectural spaces I focus on capturing the innate side and personality of the work, evoking the desire of the person to want to enjoy these environments product of the wonder and ingenuity of architecture.

Fotografía de interiores del proyecto residencial Mimi II en santo Domingo, República Dominicana

Interior photography

When taking photographs of the interior spaces of a work, I apply all the techniques, resources and knowledge to achieve a harmony that reflects the requirements and demands that the client wishes to communicate about their building, both inside and outside, faithfully showing their shape and characteristics. important As a photographer of architecture and interiors, meeting the commercial demands of the client is my main goal, always trying to reflect that the interior space is closest to the vision of the architect or interior designer but mostly attached to its best presentation and reality.

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For me it is important that your photos are everything you have dreamed of and providing you with all the information you need beforehand is the first step to making it possible.

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Fotografía de interiores del proyecto residencial Mimi II en santo Domingo, República Dominicana