Photography services

At Greg Dotel Photography we are committed to offering a service of excellence photography and hand in hand with world standards in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. We focus mainly on a photography service where the number one priority is customer service. The basis of our philosophy of photography services is that regardless of the occasion of your event, you focus on enjoying it to the fullest and my team and I will take care of capturing your photos in a natural and creative way for memories for generations to come.

Photography services

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Architecture and interiors

For more than 9 years I have worked with different companies throughout the Dominican Republic to give shape to photographs of their architecture and interior projects. From the exterior to the interiors of a building I focus on photographing all the necessary details of his work, construction or building and show in full harmony. The architectural photography service is focused on architects, publishers or magazines, companies and public institutions that need to show the best side of their architectural buildings.

Baby Shower

After a beautiful photo shoot of maternity comes a beautiful Baby Shower party where the early arrival of a being that will change your lives forever is celebrated. We know the planning side of carrying out your Baby Shower party, that's why we focus on photographing every detail and letting ourselves be carried by the flow of activities that take place, to immortalize a beautiful moment that you will enjoy for all the lifetime.


Like every occasion, every baptism is unique at the time and hiring a professional photographer to document such an important event is a good decision. For this reason I focus all my skills and knowledge to capture photographs that exceed all your expectations and that will enjoy and yearn for all the years to come.

Babies & Children

A new baby is one of the best experiences a human being can experience. Every little one is beautiful and special in a unique way. That's why we love working with your babies and reflecting all their tenderness on beautiful photos that preserve the initial stage of their lives. Our long experience in handling, posturing and photographing babies regardless of their age will make parents feel at ease because their babies are in good hands.


As a photographer, I know that your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so I work to preserve your story as faithfully as possible, a celebration of two people in love. Always committed to creating a unique story, from creative moments to photojournalistic moments that you will enjoy for a lifetime. The primary objective of my team and I is to provide an extraordinary experience and quality in each image produced.


We help you to have an impact with the photos of your food dishes, regardless of the medium used. We will make sure that each of your dishes look appetizing and appetizing. We will rely on photographic techniques of lighting, makeup and retouching to highlight its texture, color and brightness making the images irresistible to the palate.


Your personal brand is one of the first aspects that you must work with if you are a professional from any area since it will be the first impression that your clients, colleagues and associates will receive, that is why it is important to make it count. The corporate portraits that I make in the Dominican Republic are adjusted to your needs and goals to obtain an effective result according to your profile. These portraits are aimed at executives, businessmen, doctors, lawyers, engineers and the general public who want to show their best side.


The birthday of your children is an important event in the development of your family, relatives and relatives gather to celebrate the joy of being together with that loved one and watch him complete one more cycle of his life. To carry out beautiful photos of a birthday the photographer must think like children. They move, jump, run and all their actions are unpredictable. As a photographer I understand these attitudes and this helps me get the best out of photographs of your children's birthdays.


When I speak of editorial photography, I refer to a previously prepared or planned photograph, where each photo and each detail have the parameters specified by the client, accompanied by my experience in the area and as a photographer, highlighting each detail that will have as its objective the result what you are looking for


Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful stages that a woman can experience, in her body you can see a series of changes that you would like to remember. As a professional photographer, dedicated and dedicated, I always put all my effort into each pregnant woman to have a unique experience.


I offer professional photography services for all kinds of events in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. With our photographs you will not only have a nice memory, but you will have perfect quality images to promote your next events.


As a photographer, I am passionate about creating family portraits. Let us portray those feelings that unite the family, the emotions they share, let us capture the photographs that your children will later appreciate and keep as a valuable memory with a smile on their face.


If you are about to graduate and want to keep unforgettable memories, you must have an experienced and reliable photographer to make this celebration a unique and unforgettable moment. We offer photo sessions for graduation abroad, study sessions, post-graduation party or family reunion to celebrate your achievement. We have been working with photo sessions for graduations in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic for nine years.


As a photographer I will help you reflect the best of your qualities and project yourself as the professional model you are or want to become. We will focus on living a fun and exciting experience where you reflect your best features.

Pre wedding

I am passionate about capturing special moments such as weddings and wedding sessions that tell a beautiful story with your photographs. I identify myself as the original author of wedding portraits, where each photograph will be part of an unforgettable memory of the most important day of the couple. I offer services for honeymoon sessions in Santo Domingo and throughout the Dominican Republic.


The fifteen years is one of the most special stages in the life of your daughter, it is a moment in which since childhood she has always dreamed of being dressed in a beautiful dress and crown, reflecting her style and unique personality in some beautiful photos.


The photo sessions we do in Santo Domingo and throughout the Dominican Republic are characterized by unique moments, spontaneous moments that fill us with joy to see them again and again. Life is lived for moments, that's why it is important to preserve every stage of your life with beautiful photos that always portray the best of you.

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