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Photographer for graduations in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Graduation is a time of rejoicing for the whole family and you will want to have a unique memory of that moment that marks a milestone in your life. For this reason you will want to share these memories with your father and mother, who should be proud of your achievements.

Graduation photo sessions allow a unique creative freedom and that together with the dress we can create a wonderful story to share with your loved ones and friends. The possibilities with the photos of your graduation allow you to create albums, portraits, family gifts and framed. We cover graduations in primary, secondary, high school, university and all types of study graduations.

Photographer of graduations

My goal with a graduation session is to capture the emotion of the moment, preserve that final stage and the beginning of a new path. We want you to remember every emotional moment between friends and family, tears of joy and sadness to say goodbye to those friends and brothers of life that sometimes you do not see again but you will always remember thanks to a good memory.

Great memories of your graduation

In life there are memorable events of great importance, your graduation is one of them, because with this you start a new stage of your life for and a path to new achievements and great goals, in Greg Dotel Photography we know and that is why that we focus on offering you a pleasant experience and the best of your memories. Let us be part of that great moment that represents the closing of a cycle and the beginning of many with your graduation.

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