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Food and food photographer in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The way in which food expresses itself through photography with its colors and textures awakens even the most demanding palate, as long as it is combined with the correct lighting and presentation of these foods. The food makes us live experiences of pleasure and enjoyment, which is why I love being able to transmit these sensations to my clients through images and help them promote their products.

Having worked on different projects for different brands has helped me gain knowledge of visual communication to help my clients convey the right message to their target audience. In addition to the photographs of your most precious food and food dishes, we provide photo services for the interior and exterior facilities of your restaurant, as well as hotels and lounges.

Images that awaken the palate

No matter what the plate of food or food, we will apply all the necessary techniques to make your dishes look appetizing. The styling of the dishes, as well as the composition are fundamental points when improving the presentation of the food, once these factors are achieved, in the post-production stage the flaws are eliminated and colors and effects are improved to obtain a most appetizing image.

Your dishes have never been better

Our objective with the food and food photography service is to obtain high quality images for our clients through the use of frames and lighting that make food and food products look more attractive and aesthetic. Always using high-end photographic objectives to achieve the best results.

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