Work process

Starting your photo shoot with me is quite easy, you just have to call or send us an email, or if you wish, we can meet personally and discuss the details of your photo session. During our initial conversations, you will give me and my team an idea of what they are really looking for, what is important to you and how I can capture them in images.

How is the work process?

It is important for me before starting each photo shoot to have a conversation with my clients and to make them feel relaxed. We will discuss the details and any specific photo you require. I am a very flexible and open-minded person, my goal is to capture what is important to you. I am very patient and once everyone is relaxed, I will be ready to capture the best expressions of that moment. This will ensure that at the time of your photo session you will be relaxed and confident in the choice of your photographer.

Your final results

Once we have completed our photo shoot, we will carefully select the photographs to prepare the story we captured that day. We will guide you to select the photos you need to make a memorable album or individually printed. Then we go to edit and post-produce their images to get even more the best of them. This usually takes 1 week and will depend on the response time of your photo selection or if there is some kind of different negotiation between both parties. If you have opted for digital albums, the delivery time can be extended 2-3 more weeks, although we always try to deliver before the deadline.

We appreciate your interest in my photo studio and we look forward to working with you.