The best places for photo shoot in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

For many people to choose a special place to remember that unique moment and to convey the desired feeling is an often difficult task. So it is common for many of my clients to ask me for suggestions about which place I can recommend for that photo shoot they want.

Personally, I like to ask my clients if there is any place that has that sentimental value in their relationship from where we could create a story and believe me many times we have the perception that the ideal places for a photo shoot in Santo Domingo are only the Botanical Garden, Colonial Zone or the beach, but the simple truth is, even in an emblematic street of our beautiful Santo Domingo, a park or a trade of the many that we have with lovely interiors we can achieve a beautiful photographic story and leave aside the same routine of photos that we see frequently.

It is for these reasons that I decided to prepare this list with the best places for photo shoots in Santo Domingo just for you. And it is good to note that these suggestions apply to many types of photo sessions, to highlight a few: bridal sessions, sweet 15 and 16, personal sessions, maternity and in many cases cases children too, why not? 😀

Anyway, these are my favorite places for a photo shoot in the great Santo Domingo and not have to move so far from the city:


National Botanic Garden Dr. Rafael M. Moscoso


sesion de fotos a embarazada en el jardin botanico fotografo greg dotel


As we all know is one of the most emblematic places to think about doing a photoshoot in the city of Santo Domingo. This is located between Av. República de Argentina esq. Av. Los Próceres.

Its great popularity is centered in that it is a cool and relaxing place, with beautiful landscapes, great variety of spaces and decorations that give the sensation to be in a place very far from the metropolitan bustle.

The Botanical Garden is an inexhaustible source of inspiration, which has many pavilions, lakes and sanctuaries, as well as the Japanese Garden which is the most visited part of the Garden, with its famous orange bridge, lake and house in a Japanese style which are ideal places for numerous photo shoots.


To take professional photographs you must pay a fee of RD$2,000 pesos (approximately US$43 dollars), with which you are allowed to enter 1 vehicle and have access to the Japanese Garden and its surroundings. It is important that you take the bill with you as it is requested to take pictures.

See location of the Botanical Garden


 Colonial Zone


fotografo dominicano de 15 años en santo domingo republica dominicana de nombre greg dotel


The Colonial Zone is the oldest European settlement in America and was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Because of its great importance in Dominican and world culture and history, the colonial zone is one of the preferred places for Dominicans when it comes to choosing a place for photo shoots. And it’s because its ancient touch and European style in a point of the Caribbean.


In most places in the colonial zone, it is not necessary to pay or ask for permission to take a professional photo shoot. However, there are places that do require a payment to allow taking professional photographs. Such is the case of the ruins of San Francisco and the Ozama Fortress which cost approximately RD$1,800 pesos and each place has its office of the Ministry of Culture (Government responsible entity) who are collects and gives the permits.

See location of the Colonial Zone


National Aquarium


sesion de fotos en el acuario nacional por el fotografo dominicano greg dotel


Many are unaware of the appeal of the internal areas and green areas of the National Aquarium, which is a coastal marine biodiversity sanctuary which offers beautiful scenery for photo shoots. With a cute wardrobe, suitable for the location you can get a unique and cute memory of your photo shoot.


To take a photo session in the National Aquarium this must be done at least 3 days in advance and a form must be filled out indicating the number of people who will participate in the photo session. A fee must be paid plus the tickets of each of the adults and children respectively who decide to participate in it.

See location of the National Aquarium

Naval Club of the Navy, Sans Souci

fotografo dominicano de quinceaños en santo domingo republica dominicana greg dotel

In the first stay, this Arabic-Spanish court structure was built by its owner, the architect Felix Benitez Rexach, in the late 1940s and early 1950s. Later, it became the Naval Club for Navy Officers of War.

The place for its variety of environments allows you to make exclusive photo sessions that you will not find anywhere else in the city. But the most majestic is the blue of the sea and all of its beach until the waves break that it has in it.


A direct permit from the Navy is required, which costs RD$5,000 pesos and must be made at least 1 month before the photo session.

See location of the Naval Club of the Navy, Sans Souci

Platforms for Fishermen on the Paseo Marítimo


fotografo para sesion de fotos de bodas en santo domingo republica dominicana greg dotel


On the Highway 30 de Mayo you will find metal platforms that the Dominican government recently built in support of the fishermen who frequent the southern limits of that part of Santo Domingo. These deep red platforms that stand out in large part towards the immense Caribbean Sea provide an ideal environment to make photo sessions with that Caribbean touch and with a good sunset increase even more the opportunity to create unique environments in your photos.

It is good to note that its surroundings have also been improved with paths and trees that offer a good opportunity to create moments and lovely portraits.


There is no requirement to take photos in this place.

See location of the Fishermen platforms


Mirador Sur Garden


fotografo dominicano de bodas en santo domingo republica dominicana


It is another of the most extensive green areas of the city of Santo Domingo, this account with 8 km of pure vegetation. It also has underground caverns, a pool to paddle in boats, paths, sculptures, parks, playgrounds and various fountains in its surroundings.

My recommendation is the spaces around the Garden of the Lake where you can find different scenarios that will make your photo shoot enviable.


There is no requirement to take photos in this place.

See location of the Mirador Sur Garden


Mirador Norte Garden


Fotografo dominicano de bodas en el mirador norte de santo domingo republica dominicana


The Mirador Norte Park is located between the avenues Hermanas Mirabal and Jacobo Majluta in the city of Santo Domingo. It is the most biodiverse park in the great Santo Domingo and is an excellent place to carry out photo sessions for all its diverse scenarios. It has artificial lakes, extensive green areas, hills and streams, islands and trails, places where you will only have limits with the imagination.


A payment of RD$1,000 pesos is required, which can be paid at the entrance the same day.

See location of Mirador Norte Garden

Garden Humedales del Ozama


Fotografo dominicano de embarazadas en santo domingo republica dominicana greg dotel

In this park you will find a very large forest and several lagoons and streams. It also encompasses an area of wetlands and mangroves that lie on the banks of the Ozama River.

It is a place where you can make sessions of very particular photos and that will make the difference in your photo session.

You must be careful because it is a very desolate place and there is no security other than at the entrance of the place.


There is no requirement to take photos in this place.

See location of Humedales del Ozama Garden


Juan Baron Square

Plaza juan baron en santo domingo por fotografo dominicano greg dotel photography

It is a space that combines the sea and a variety of spaces to pose and create a fascinating photographic story. Thanks to the restoration of this place today it is possible to carry out sessions of very particular photos. In addition to that security account at certain times that will make the moment more quiet.


There is no requirement to take photos in this place.

See location of the Juan Barón Square


Los 3 Ojos Park


sesion de novios en santo domingo republica dominican por el fotografo dominicano greg dotel photography

The 3 eyes is an area that has 3 caves that are fed by groundwater and their color varies between blue and green.

It is one of the most popular tourist places in the country due to its natural attractiveness and unique beauty. That is why it is an ideal place to hold that wedding session or fifteen years that you dream of.


There is no requirement to take photos in this place.

See location of the Los 3 Ojos Park

A little beyond the limits of Santo Domingo but a few minutes away are:

The Ruins of Engombe


sesion-novios-boda-fotografo-dominicano-lugares-ruinas-engombe-santo-domingo (5)

sesion-novios-boda-fotografo-dominicano-lugares-ruinas-engombe-santo-domingo (1)


I hope this helps you to get an idea of the myriad possibilities to make your photo shoot a beautiful and unique opportunity. Also, if you have doubts about what clothes to use for a photo shoot I have prepared this entry with some tips of what clothes to use for your photos but you will use a bridal suit.

Do not forget to leave your comments, your opinion is extremely important, as well as share it with your friends.



I know how difficult it is to choose a place for a photo shoot. With this guide I will show you 5 of my favorite locations in the Dominican Republic to make a photo session that you will love.